The Purpose

The purpose of “We Need Your Seat” is to provide a practical means to teach the Kingdom of God and engage for each citizen with our original purpose in the earth, as well as with our vision at Global Impact Church.



There are four goals to the success of this campaign.


1.     To engage each member in our purpose in the Kingdom of God.

2.     To keep our vision and purpose ever before us.

3.     To encourage each person to manifest and apply the Kingdom daily.

4.     To produce quality, which produces quantity.


How it Works

God is King who rules His territory.  We are created to dominate and reign in this world (territory) for the Lord on His behalf.  Each seat is territory and each citizen is responsible for the sphere of their influence in the church.  Each person in our ministry regardless of their station will be encouraged to refill their seat.  In other words, to be fruitful and multiply.


In the spirit of leadership, true leaders are insistent upon moving out of the way so others can step up and lead.  This campaign is a simple way to teach this Kingdom principle, as well as fulfill our goals.  We will not only applaud when one is brought into the Kingdom, but we will celebrate the two individuals (the GIC member and the new citizen of the Kingdom as they begin their process of discipleship.”






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