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GIC Christian Education

GIC Christian Education

At Global Impact Church, part of our dream of ministry is for us to develop people to spiritual maturity through the sound doctrinal teaching of the Word of God, seminars, opportunities to exercise practical use of the lessons learned in a loving, local community of Believers. We desire to equip every believer for a significant ministry by helping them discover the spiritual purpose and gifts God has given His saints for the work of His ministry and guidance as to how that may be walked out.

​A large part of this development is done via Christian Education in various levels and phases. It all works in harmony with the GIC Discipleship Process. 

To register for the upcoming Christian Education Classes (Sundays @ 9AM) or Master Classes (Wednesdays 6:30 PM) contact Elder Antione Harvis via email -

Upcoming Classes

Theology Proper 101: Getting to Know God (11/12/23 - 1/28/24)
Christology 101: Getting to Know the Son of God (Jesus)
Pneumatology 101: Getting to Know the Spirit
of God (Holy Spirit)
Bibliology 101: The Study of the Bible
Angelology 101: The Study of Angels
Anthropology 101: The Study of man from a Biblical Perspective
Harmatiology 101: The Study of Sin
Soteriology 101: Learning about Biblical Salvation
Ecclesiology 101: The Study of the Church of God
Eschatology 101: The Study of End Times
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